Digital X-rays

The use of digital x-rays and digital cameras has benefited the dental industry tremendously. In order to achieve an accurate diagnosis of any potential oral problems, a dentist may utilize the technology of a digital x-ray in order to determine the following:

  • Possible tooth decay
  • Dental injuries such as jaw fractures or tooth fractures
  • Any damage in the bones which support the teeth
  • Extra or unusually placed teeth
  • Impacted teeth
  • Growths (tumors)
  • Abscesses
  • Cysts
  • Any other type of concern oral concerns

One of the biggest aversions to x-rays has always been the radiation exposure linked to digital imaging and x-rays. However, digital dental x-rays emit a small amount of radiation. The ability to take pictures of bones, soft tissues, and teeth is paramount to adequate dental care. Through this process, dentists are able to see a number of concerning elements that are not detectable during a visual assessment of the patient.

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Why digital x-rays?

As technology continues to advance, the dental industry has seen vast improvements in a variety of areas, most notably the ability to take a digital x-ray. Using far less radiation than that of a film x-ray, digital x-rays are able to capture an incredibly accurate picture of your teeth. In addition, digital x-rays are also less damaging to the environment. Alleviating the need to use chemicals for processing the film, digital x-rays have slowly begun to sweep the dental industry.

Radiation exposure is a serious issue. In fact, the American Dental Association has an extensive set of radiation safety requirements that all dentists in the United States must abide by. Using a sensor (flat electronic pad) instead of the film used in standard x-rays, the dental image is electronically sent to a computer for on-screen display. With instant feedback, the patient is able to immediately speak with the dentist about the problem at hand, without worrying about the hassles and delay that come standard with the film x-ray.

The advantages associated with digital x-rays are extensive. The following are the most significant benefits:

  • Reduced Radiation: digital x-rays use as much as 90 percent less radiation than film x-rays.
  • Quicker Appointments: with electronic sending of digital images, the picture displays on the screen immediately with no delay or lag time.
  • High Quality Imaging: with the ability to magnify and enlarge digital x-rays, dentists are able to get a clear picture. In addition, the color, contrast, and brightness are adjustable.
  • Dental Records Transfer: with the ability to e-mail digital x-rays, other medical professionals are able to quickly access the x-rays.
  • Environmental Safety: no chemicals are used (compared to film x-rays).

Due to the expensive nature and relatively new introduction to the market, many dentists are still only offering the standard x-ray. James Family Dentistry offers digital x-rays to all patients. To schedule an appointment today, please contact the Royal Palm Beach office.

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