Teeth Whitening for a Beautiful Smile

Many patients visit the dentist for a confidence boost by improving their smile. While a radiant smile is certainly important, far too many people begin teeth whitening before researching product options and making a thoughtful decision. At James Family Dentistry, we take pride in our focus on personal attention and customized dental plans. In this regard, we feel that it is absolutely essential for patients to be fully informed about teeth whitening before beginning any type of treatment.

Improving the color of your teeth is a wonderful way to give your smile that extra “something” that draws people in and showcases your gorgeous smile. Teeth whitening treatments and procedures range pretty significantly in terms of duration and level of involvement. James Family Dentistry typically offers one of the following four teeth whitening treatment plans depending upon your whitening goals and your specific dental condition.

  • Crest3D White Whitestrips: using an advanced, adhesive formula, Crest’s Whitestrips are a useful solution to discolored teeth. Keeping your enamel safe, the strips are intended to remove stains and are sold over-the-counter at many pharmacies and markets. While this is certainly a whitening option, it is the least effective when compared to in-office treatments available today.
  • NiteWhite ACP: offering a wide variety of whitening kits, NiteWhite ACP is recommended for those seeking a more effective treatment method than over-the-counter products. NiteWhite ACP whitens, reduces sensitivity, and protects enamel through a dual-barrel syringe and whitening agent. A countless number of patients have seen massive success using NiteWhite ACP.
  • Opalescence: offering a range of whitening treatments, Opalescence is a well respective brand for teeth whitening. The company offers a number of different treatment products to protect enamel, prevent cavities, and significantly whiten teeth. With options for both in-office and take home whitening agents, Opalescence truly gives patients a supreme method of teeth whitening. Specifically, Treswhite Supreme, by Opalescence, is an option for those looking to keep teeth white in between in-office treatments.

James Family Dentistry offers this range of teeth whitening options to best fit the individual needs of our patients. When you come into our office seeking teeth whitening products, we will sit down with you and determine the best course of action. Those seeking a more aggressive whitening plan will often opt for in-office treatments, as these show faster and long-lasting results. To make an appointment for your teeth whitening today, please contact James Family Dentistry at your earliest convenience.

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